About Us

Philadelphia's Epidemic

Providing the HOPE which brings Life and Healing...

Founded in 2009 by Rev. Dr. Herb Lusk II, The HOPE Center's mission from its inception was to shine the light of God's hope and healing into an area darkened by sky-rocketing rates of abortion. It is incorporated under the aegis of People for People, Inc, of which Rev. Lusk is the founder and CEO. The foundational mission of People for People is to drastically reduce the blight and effects of poverty in its community of the most urban pockets of Philadelphia. It is no secret that abortion providers especially target minorities and those disenfranchised by socio-economic factors, rendering these demographics most vulnerable to choosing abortion because of the lack of access to accurate information and supporting resources. In answer to the tremendous need for counseling and supported services for men and women confronted by crisis pregnancies in Philadelphia, the HOPE Center was born as a natural extension of People for People's original mandate, providing alternatives to abortion and strengthening and empowering families through times of pregnancy related stresses.