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    Philadelphia's Epidemic

    "I'll hold you in heaven..."

    This would have been their first Christmas together.

    Their mother first came to HOPE last winter. She had a young daughter who was just a little over a year old. They were living in Georgia but the relationship with her daughter’s father had soured and he was abusive. Together, they fled and found their way to Philadelphia. She found refuge in a family shelter and was desperate for a new start. She even started attending church again and wanted to recommit her life to Jesus. But that first visit to HOPE threw a wrench in her plans to start afresh. She discovered she was pregnant.

    Abortion, she decided, was her only option. She was barely eking out a means of survival with her daughter, how would she be able to care for another child? Yet, something about the compassionate counseling she received at HOPE moved her and she agreed to come back for an ultrasound before terminating the pregnancy. It was at her ultrasound that she discovered more shocking news- our nurse did not find a heartbeat. She found two. Yes, our client was pregnant with twins!

    While she had no idea how she was going to care for twins, she could not conceive of destroying two lives with an abortion. Months of counseling at HOPE ensued- she was at our center almost daily and after much tears and wrestling, she decided to continue with the pregnancy. We found her as much supportive resources as we could, from material assistance to helping her find a job so she could start planning constructively for the road ahead.

    Her twins were due this past September. In early July, we received a panicked phone call. The twins made their entrance prematurely- quite prematurely, in fact. Both would need to stay in the NICU for a period of time. More counseling support from us followed and we did everything we could to help her through this difficult time.

    Stressful though the initial months of the twins’ lives were, their mother was buoyed by her love for them. It is true that God has hardwired maternal instincts into mothers for whom He had uniquely chosen their children! She was by her babies’ bedside through their stay in the NICU and watched them daily grow and get stronger.

    However, one of the twins remained frailer than the other. He would gain strength, then falter. He finally lost the battle after 4 short months of life. She was heartbroken. Which mother would not? But, she cherished the time she had with him in his short time on earth and clung to the memories she will always have. She could not imagine that at one time, she had thought to terminate his life willfully! We are continuing to provide her with support and help her through this time of loss and grief.

    It has been an incredible privilege to walk this precious mother through her journey this past year. Even in the midst of the pain of losing one of her twins, yet God’s grace continues to be unfailing. Had she aborted her children, she would always live with the regret and pain. In making the choice for life, she was able to minister to her child on earth and know that someday, she will hold him again in heaven.

    Her story highlights the fact that at HOPE, our work is not simply just to help a woman choose life and thereafter leave her to flounder. We walk with her every step of the way and continue to extend God’s compassion and mercy so that ultimately, she can find her life in Him.

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