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Figuring out if you are pregnant based on the early signs of pregnancy is not always easy. There are many different symptoms, and it is possible to have all or only a few of them. Some women have all the typical symptoms of a pregnancy, yet are not pregnant. This may happen when taking certain types of contraceptives with hormones. Other women may only have a few of the signs but are most definitely pregnant. Thus, the signs and symptoms of an early pregnancy are only signs — not an absolute confirmation of a pregnancy.

  • You stop having your period, or you bleed slightly when you would have normally had your period, or you have a small amount of bleeding when the fertilized egg is implanted in your uterus.

  • You experience swollen, sore, or tender breasts.

  • You need to urinate more frequently.

  • You experience excess unexplained tiredness, and may even need to take naps.

  • You experience digestive changes — indigestion, heartburn, constipation, and/or bloating.

  • You have mood swings, such as feeling sad, angry or happy for no discernible reason.

  • You start feeling nausea or sick to your stomach, which often occurs in the morning — leading to the phrase “morning sickness.”
    (One of the causes of this is an empty stomach. So the best way to handle morning sickness is by eating many small meals during the day.)

  • You may sense the life of the small person growing inside you. 


Confirm your symptoms with a valid pregnancy test for a reliable and accurate early diagnosis.

DANAE- Testimonial

“The ladies at this facility made me feel at ease. The counselors talk to you about your options and provide a clinical level test and appointment for an ultrasound if you are indeed pregnant. The nurse was friendly and professional and gave me all the reassurance I needed. I like that they encourage you to bring someone with you. They provided a lot of valuable information in the form of resources, magazines and pamphlets. I was also able to get an appointment the next day after I called. I would highly recommend The Hope Center to anyone that needs a confirmation of pregnancy or information on alternate options.”

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