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The need for pregnancy related services has never been greater amid the pandemic.

Our amazing HOPE family continues to provide vital services every day!

Because Covid-19 prevents us from having our fundraising banquet this year, we have developed the MULTIPLY HOPE fundraiser to equip and empower you to help us raise the critical funding that HOPE needs to operate the center. Will you join us to MULTIPLY HOPE?

If just 100 people inspire 10 people to give $100 each, we can reach our goal of $100,000 to support the essential work of the HOPE Pregnancy Center in Philadelphia!

What is Multiply HOPE?

Multiply HOPE is like many fundraising efforts you have seen before. People who care about an organization share that cause and its needs with their network – family, church family, friends & colleagues. Then those people, who understand and feel the same passion for that cause, share the fundraiser with their network and so on. Not only does this enable many more people to give what they can, it informs a broader audience about the worthy organization and the impact it is making in the community of North Central Philadelphia day after day, year after year.

How can I help?

  • Donate and then Share!

  • Donate using one of the methods above.

  • Ask your network of people to join you in Multiplying HOPE. 

What do I share?

  • Social media posts about the fundraiser 

  • Facebook - Hands of HOPE

  • Join our Share a Baby Pic Challenge on Facebook - SEE Example

  • Instagram - HopePregnancyCenterPHL

  • Share the fundraising link:

  • Text the fundraising link:

  • Request an email template that you can personalize and send to your network - REQUEST

  • Call your network personally on the phone and ask them to donate and reach-out to their network.

  • Share our printable Flyer

  • Ask your church to put our SLIDE in their online announcements

Why $100?

$100 is just a starting place to see the impact of your network multiplied! Whatever our supporters feel led to donate is up to them. Your tax deductible gift is your personal decision. Individual names and amounts aren't published publicly. Consider also committing to a monthly recurring gift to multiply your impact on HOPE even more!

What else can I do?

  • Have fun with it!

  • Hold a fundraising outdoor event - like a BBQ – invite 10 friends and ask them to bring a donation to the HOPE Pregnancy Center. Ask your friends to hold their own BBQ and invite 10 different friends.

  • Post pictures on social media of your BBQ with a link to the fundraiser and the hashtag #MultipyHOPE. We will share them with our supporters to encourage them and motivate others!

  • Join our Facebook Page for Supporters of HOPE: Hands of HOPE

  • Invite others to join Hands of HOPE

  • Visit our GIVE tab to see what items you can collect yourself and from others to donate to HOPE.

  • Make your item collection efforts another event to share and get friends involved in. 

Paying by Check?

  • If you prefer to give via a paper check, please make checks payable to:

HOPE Pregnancy Center

716 N. Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19130

Please put "Multiply HOPE" on the Memo Line


Email Anastasia at:

Join our Mailing List

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